About the Lab

We investigate emergent issues arising from the complex relations between humanity, nature and technology in the contemporary world via practice-based research. Questions are our answers. Our goal is to shape the questions clearer in order to engage people from different disciplines in meaningful conversations, on topics such as climate change, sustainability, emerging technologies and ethics, and futurism. The method we use is a combination of art and science, experimenting with all kinds of media, including but not limited to AI, audio/visual synthesis, sonification, AR/VR, motion capture, digital fabrication and other interactive devices.


Leader / Ivan Liu, PhD

Ivan is an artist and a researcher. He has a strong background in science, trained as a physicist at the Max-Planck Institute (Germany) and Imperial College London (UK). He is currently an Assistant Professor of Applied Arts at National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University in Taiwan. His current works explore the theoretical models in sciences and realizing them in the form of visual art, installation, and performances. He enjoys engaging the public and make them wonder about the internal mechanism of our world and how all things are connected by simple and elegant ideas. He is also the Founder of art collective  Legacy Lab International(Click here for his resume)

Ya-Chen Hsu

Ya-Chen works on using deep learning AI to study aesthetics in the (post-)Anthropocene by applying neural style transfer and other techniques. She is currently a graduate student at IAA, having previously graduated from NYCU with a degree in Management Science in 2020. She was an exchange student for a year at Hakodate Future University (Japan) in 2018.

Alson Hau

Alson works on the sonification of physical complex systems using audio granular synthesis techniques, as well as constructing kinetic installations to realise such systems. He graduated from National Sun Yat-sen University with a BA in Mechanical and Electro-Mechanical Engineering in 2021.


Currently we are recruiting new graduate students. Contact for more details.


Contact ivanliu [a] nycu.edu.tw for more information.